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Daniel is an award-winning communicator and thoughtful explorer of the frontiers of leadership and organizational life.

As CEO of Signal Hill, he guides clients in leadership and culture formation, brand development, strategic planning, and entrepreneurial practices.

Daniel's passion is to uncover and leverage gifts and resources. He believes the stories of leaders and organizations point the way to hidden strengths and great potential. Clients value his appreciative approach, his use of narrative, and his ability to maximize good work.

He brings to every project an eclectic mix of experiences and gifts rooted in 20 years of working with mission-driven enterprises. The son and grandson of preachers, Daniel is an ordained American Baptist minister. He is also a teacher, writer, speaker, and creative director for print, Web and video projects. He is the founder of Senior Correspondent, an award-winning media venture driven entirely by the stories of older adults.

Daniel has been an instructor in the Duke University Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management and the Faith-Based Leadership Institute. He guided the design and was the lead facilitator for the Nollau Institute, a yearlong leadership formation program of the Council of Health and Human Service Ministries of the United Church of Christ. Daniel has shared his unique point of view with a variety of associations, including the American Society on Aging, North Carolina Association on Aging, Lutheran Services in America, United Methodist Association, and the American Baptist Home Mission Societies.

Trained as a journalist, Daniel worked as a reporter and editor for two San Francisco Bay Area community newspapers. A journalistic orientation continues to figure largely in Daniel's work as a writer and keen observer of leadership, religion, culture and society. With Nelvis Vos and Melvin George, Daniel co-authored Faith in the World: Mark Gibbs and Vesper Society, Being God's Lively People (Vesper, 2009). With M. Sloan Bentley, Daniel co-authored Believing in Senior Living: Insight and Inspiration for the Future of Our Profession (Seniority, 2011). He has written for The Christian Century, Religion News Service, Associated Baptist Press, FaithWorks, The Christian Citizen, and Baptist Peacemaker. Read Daniel's musings on leadership and communications in the Signal Hill blog here.

Daniel earned his master of divinity degree from the American Baptist Seminary of the West and his bachelor of arts in English from California Baptist College.

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Daniel's Adventure Artifact

October 10, 1999

By: Daniel Pryfogle

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In our business the adventure often takes place right at the desk. Steve Jobs knew this well. When I launched Signal Hill in 1999, my first computer was a Blueberry iMac. I left a PC environment to be a free agent, and the iMac stood for independence, a new way, a decidedly different chapter.

The iMac was a thing of beauty. My family and I delighted in the computer as it sat on the desk in a room we called the Dreamery. The iMac was like one more chubby toddler in the house. We couldn't help but smile at it. And I believe the uniqueness of the computer shaped my work in those early days, made things magic in some way.

It wasn't my first Apple experience. I used the Macintosh in 1985 for the high school newspaper and, later, when writing stories and laying out my college newspapers. I graduated to the IIe, I think it was, in my first newspaper job, and pounded away on "Macs" (that's what we tended to call them) through my second newspaper job. But the iMac was probably the most significant. Steve Jobs had designed a computer you could actually feel for.